Due to a lack of interest in this product and no other musician-producers joining me, I have decided to suspend this experimental business.

I am leaving the site intact (except for requests and file uploads) as a way of sharing the ideas and technologies involved. Feel free to use the Contact Page if you would like to:

  • change my mind
  • discuss the the ideas and technologies I’ve been exploring

Memories are an important part of the story we tell—the story of who we are.

Visual images have always played a vital part in our memories, starting with the first cave men who painted images of the hunt on walls moving with the flickering of their fire. From “Kodak Moments” of the past to smartphones today, we have achieved seemingly unlimited power to capture our moments as digital image files.

Once Upon a Sound…

Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain
Paleolithic Cave Art in Northern Spain
Sound of Cave Painter Explaining His Latest Creation
Night Before the Hunt, MemRemix soundscape based only on the grunting sounds from “Sound of Cave Painter Explaining His Latest Creation” above

Media Credits: See Credits Page

Sound images can add even more to our memories. We’ll never hear the crackling fire or the voice of the cave painter telling his story, but now, more and more, people are capturing audio recordings of the memorable moments of their lives, often on the same smartphones they use to take their photos.

To capture our visual memories we use photo albums, home videos, and camera rolls, but we don’t often do that with our audio memories. What if we wanted to?

MemRemix™ goes beyond albums and rolls. It offers a new and unique way to recall your audio memories—in the form of a soundscape.

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