Sound Magic

A sigil is an ancient magical technique for manifesting desires, similar to the tools and techniques used by contemporary practitioners of “creative visualization” or “the law of attraction”.

Traditionally, sigils were visual tools. The user would non-cursively print their desire in words and then artistically distort and rearrange the letters to produce a non-verbal, visual image that would unconsciously re-conjure and empower the original desire.

Zoso sigil used by Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin IV album

Photo Credit: See Credits Page


MemRemix takes the power of the sigil from the visual to the auditory realm. We call this special kind of MemRemix soundscape a SoniSigil, and the process of requesting a SoniSigil is essential the same as for a regular MemRemix soundscape.

To make your MemRemix soundscape a sonic sigil:

  • Record an audio file of you speaking or singing the desire you would normally print in words
  • Save the file with the word “sigil” prepended to the name of your file
  • Check the “Is a SoniSigil” box on the request form
  • Upload the sigil file along with any other sounds as you would for a regular MemRemix soundscape

That’s it.

Enjoy listening to your SoniSigil while your unconscious mind works its magic.