Here’s all we need you to do:

  • Tell us your musical preferences
  • Choose one of our musician-producers
  • Upload your sound files

Musical Preferences (if any)

Help us understand your musical tastes.

On our Request Form, you can select from lists or type into textboxes.

Use the textboxes for items not on our lists or items more specific than those on our lists.


Tune in to the musician-producers on our Who We Are page and see if any rings a bell for you. Only one will work with you on your soundscape, but pick up to three, and we’ll do our best to honor your preferences.

Pay careful attention to their “favorite genres”.
Each musician-producer has joined the MemRemix Team because of their flexible creativity and adventurous spirit, and, though they have accepted the Prime Directive to Let Go of All expectations, like most people, each has their own musical preferences, which may influence your soundscape.

Upload Sound Files

Please respect these limits on the size and formats of the audio/video files you may send us:

  • Five minutes
  • Two gigabytes (Gb)
  • Here are two rules of thumb that may help you estimate the time and file size of your sounds:

    • Audio: 1Mb (MP3, AAC) to 10Mb (WAV, AIFF) per minute
    • Video: 400Mb per minute
  • Audio formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC
  • There are online audio format conversion services (some free). Search for “online audio converter”.
    Or, we can do the conversion for you.

  • Video formats: MP4, MOV, WMV, and AVI
  • Audio must be extracted from video files to audio-only files.
    There are online audio extraction services (some free). Search for “online audio extractor”.
    Or, we can do the extraction for you.