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In the image above, on the left, are some examples of sounds people often record at important life moments. These may include sounds of people—speaking, laughing, crying, shouting. Or sounds of places, both home and away—roaring wind, crashing ocean, bubbling brook, singing birds, howling coyotes, windchimes on the porch, rain on the roof. The possibilities are limited only by what captures your attention.


Your selected musician-producer takes those sounds, plus an understanding of the kinds of music you enjoy–songs, artists, genres, periods, instruments, tempo, rhythm, and so on. Then, using a variety of digital audio processing techniques and drawing on their own musical journey, they produce a unique and personal soundscape reflecting your memories.

Your MemRemix soundscape is not likely to resemble, for example, a wedding video, where the videographer slices up the original footage, and, however creatively, splices those pieces together. A MemRemix musician-producer also uses slicing and splicing, but the slices are likely to be quite small, and the sequencing of those slices will be creatively determined by the demands of their muse, not necessarily by the timelines of the original sounds. It may not end up sounding like an Elton John tune, but it will be your soundscape.


What will your MemRemix soundscape sound like? No one knows.

Will you like it? No one knows.

The reason is simple, yet profound. The MemRemix creation process requires one more
absolutely essential ingredient—what we call The MemRemix Prime Directive:
Let Go of All Expectations.

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