Our Promise

MemRemix will use the information you share (personal data and audio/video files) solely to assist us in producing your MemRemix soundscape.

We keep statistics on how visitors to this site use it—pages visited, how much time spent on each page, etc.—in order to improve our service. This analysis does not include personal information, and you are free to opt out below.

No Money

MemRemix will not sell your information to third-parties for any reason. Period.

No Access

MemRemix will to the best of our ability protect your information from unauthorized access.

File Handling

  • Upon completion of your soundscape, your uploaded audio/video files will be deleted from our server.
  • Keep local copies of your uploaded audio/video files.
  • Keep it legal. Withhold and do not upload any audio/video files indicative of criminal activity, as we have a legal obligation to report such content to the judicial system.

Website Use

MemRemix uses Matomo, a website statistics and analysis tool, to understand how visitors are using this site in order to improve its usability.


We believe in openness, privacy and 100% data ownership. Matomo’s mission is to liberate analytics and we are passionate about measuring for success. These core values are ingrained into everything we do here at Matomo and that will never change.