Due to a lack of interest in this product and no other musician-producers joining me, I have decided to suspend this experimental business.

I am leaving the site intact (except for requests and file uploads) as a way of sharing the ideas and technologies involved. Feel free to use the Contact Page if you would like to:

  • change my mind
  • discuss the the ideas and technologies I’ve been exploring

Welcome! You have been redirected from SoniSigil.com to MemRemix.com. SoniSigil™ is a special service of MemRemix®, using the same processes as MemRemix but with a magical purpose. Feel free to explore the entire MemRemix website starting at our Home Page.

Sound Magic

A sigil is an ancient magical technique for manifesting desires, similar to the tools and techniques used by contemporary practitioners of “creative visualization” or “the law of attraction”.

Traditionally, sigils were visual tools. The creator would non-cursively print their desire in words and then distort and rearrange the letters to produce a non-verbal, visual image that would unconsciously re-conjure and empower the original desire.

Previous attempts at making “sonic sigils” have involved transformation of the written desire through various correspondences, such as gematria, and used the “reduced” original to arrive at various musical elements, such as beats per minute, key, time signature, etc., upon which the musician/sigil-maker would base a musical piece.

From Heart…to Ear…to Here℠

At MemRemix we take a radically-new approach to sigils. We do not perform non-musical transformations of a written desire. We uses musical transformations of the actual sound of the person speaking their desire or intention. Using audio transformation tools (see Technology) we create a SoniSigil™ an aesthetically-pleasing soundscape that directly and emotionally reflects and embodies the heart and activational energy of the spoken desire while obscuring the semantic content from the doubt-prone mind.

Zoso—traditional graphic sigil used by Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin IV album

Photo Credit: See Credits Page

The process of requesting a SoniSigil is essentially the same as for a regular MemRemix soundscape, except:

  • At least one of the sound files you upload must include you speaking your desire.
    (You may include other sounds that you feel support the creation of your SoniSigil™.)
  • The length of a SoniSigil™ is limited to one minute.

Important Note: Because a SoniSigil captures and embodies the charging energy of the spoken desire—kind of a “pre-charging”—we suggest that you record several versions (“takes”) of you speaking your desire or intention and send us the one that intuitively feels most powerful to you.

To create your MemRemix SoniSigil™

  • Record an audio file of you speaking or singing the desire you would normally print in words
  • Save the file with the word “sigil_” prepended to the name of your file (e.g.,”sigil_mysonisigilefile.wav”)
  • Fill out the Request Form
    • Be sure to check the “Is a SoniSigil” check box on the form
    • Use the Anything Else text box on the form to add anything you believe will be helpful in the creation of your SoniSigil™
  • Upload the sigil file (along with any supporting sounds) as you would for a regular MemRemix soundscape

That’s it.

Enjoy listening to your SoniSigil while your subconscious mind works its magic.

Note on Activation: Your SoniSigil will be sent to you as a .wav audio file with a randomly-generated filename. So, whether you listen once or re-listen over time, you can avoid a conscious recall of the original spoken words.

If you need more information or have questions, please visit our Contact Page.