A First Birthday SoniSigil™

My girlfriend had a suggestion for a SoniSigil™ that beautifully blends the intention of a general-purpose MemRemix® soundscape (to musically capture an important life event) with the intention of a SoniSigil™ (to manifest a wish for the future).

At the birth of a child, the parents (or others) could record themselves wishing for the child whatever they imagine as that child’s future. The child would then have the SoniSigil™ to listen to as it moves through life. Of course, we assume the child trusts their parents’ intentions and that their parents’ intentions align with those of the child.

I would encourage the parents also to record the sound of their child’s first cries and include that recording along with the spoken wish, both as source sounds for the SoniSigil™.

For more information visit our SoniSigil™ Page.

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