More Awareness

In 1984 at the Summer Festival in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, while Osho was in silence, we gathered daily in Rajneesh Mandir, the 2.5-acre meditation hall, and listened in Osho’s presence to discourses he had previous given. One day the question asked of Osho was: What is the one thing we need to be more like you? After a long pause he said “More”, then after another long pause, “Awareness”. What followed was the most beautiful discourse on “witnessing” I’ve ever heard or read by him. For me this is the essence of Osho’s “method” for awakening, and from that point on it was my spiritual touchstone.

This psybient song, “More Awareness”, is my expression of gratitude to him for his boundless love and his simple reminder: “More awareness.” Enjoy the trip.

Production note: Except for the introductory voiceover, all sounds in this song are based on Osho’s words “More awareness”, done, of course, in the MemRemix®️ production style.




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