Psycho Turkey in the Straw 2.0

This song is a “pure” MemRemix®-style song with all sounds derived from a field recording I made of some wild turkeys gobbling outside our house early one morning. I’m excited to share that I used a new tool from Audialab called Deep Sampler, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze a submitted sound and return a number of original sounds, created “from scratch” but based on the “genetics” of the submitted sound. It is often challenging to find drum and percussion sounds in a source field recording, and in this case I was able to find only a rather inadequate kick drum sound from the bird’s gobbling. Deep Sampler returned a number of sounds that with some further tweaking became a kick drum, tom, clave, cowbell, and tambourine–all, in true MemRemix® form, derived from the original field recording. Here’s a link to Kimbemike (, a music duo that is part of Audialab’s ( development of Deep Sampler, sharing how they used this new tool in their own new and wonderful song Galaxies:

Here are the links to Psycho Turkey in the Straw 2.0:


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