MemRemix Drops!

Just Don’t Know

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I am terrified and exhilarated at the same time.

MemRemix is an “experimental business”, following its own Prime Directive: Let go of all expectations. Right now, MemRemix consists of just me, Thomas “Nik” Zakrzewski, responding to soundscape requests. I’m not sure if any other musician-producers will join the MemRemix Team, how much they will want to be paid for their efforts, and whether anyone will be willing to pay for their efforts.

Business Model

My current business model considers any musician-producer joining the MemRemix Team as an “independent contractor” per US IRS guidelines. If the IRS determines that our team members don’t meet the criteria for that status, the MemRemix Team will likely remain a one-person “team”. I don’t plan on playing the whole employer-employee game–I’m retired, living on a shoestring, and don’t wish to take on the complications and expenses of being an employer.

Can’t Get No

I also am not sure how best to deal with customers who are unhappy with their MemRemix soundscape. It’s one thing to ask people to “Let go of all expectations” and so waive any “satisfaction guarantees”, but it’s another to ignore their emotional response to the final product. I’m considering a one-time “first soundscape semi-guarantee”, splitting the risk 50/50 between the customer and the musician-producer. If the customer is unhappy with their first soundscape, they may claim a 50% refund.

Finally, as the sole musician-producer at MemRemix (currently), I ask for your patience and understanding. Since retiring five years ago, I have been exploring music and music production using an Apple MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, and my understanding of many musical genres, instruments, artists, etc. is minimal to none. I also work rather slowly, as I continue to climb the music learning curve. I’ll do my best to keep you up-to-date on where in the production queue your request lies and how long you may expect to wait for your soundscape.

We’re Listening

I’m open to any suggestions regarding our business processes. Post or Comment on this News (aka blog) section, or use our contact form.

And please, always feel free to contact us with guidance or questions regarding your soundscape request.

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