First MemRemix Soundscape

Night Before the Hunt (aka The Rave in the Cave)

As a first example of a MemRemix soundscape, I imagined that the fictitious caveman painter on our Home page asked me to turn his gruntings into a MemRemix soundscape. This was a bit challenging, as the source material is quite limited in both length (about a minute of audio) and spectral content (guttural gruntings by a single human male).

I imagined a group of cavemen and women gathered in the cave of paintings, protected from the wild things of the night outside by a crackling fire at the mouth of the cave, listening to a caveman revivify the memory and triumphs of previous hunts as illustrated in the paintings on the wall, and then joining in a caveman rave of dancing, rhythmic chanting, and simple musical accompaniment.

For this soundscape I used Logic Pro X, LPX’s Quick Sampler, Arturia’s Pigments 2 (what a lovely beast that synth is!), and Melda’s MConvolutionMB (I used an elephant trumpeting sound as an IR file and literally blew a caveman grunt into this abstract “elephant space”.

It’s a simple soundscape and could use more subtle mixing/mastering, but, hey, it’s the sound of a caveman rave after all: clicking rocks together, rattling animal bones, plunking single-stringed animal-gut “guitars”, beating on frame drums, and chanting. The main focus is on getting pumped up for the dangerous mastodon hunt in the morning. Sure, Ogg could have EQ’d his guitar a bit more subtilely, but be kind—he could be trampled to death by a giant wooly behemoth in the morning.

Check out the original source audio and the MemRemix soundscape created from it:

Source Audio: Caveman Painter Gruntings

MemRemix Soundscape: Night Before the Hunt

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